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Hallo zusammen,

Ich ziehe leben Länggassstrasse 75 bald und ich habe keine Internet-Verbindung gibt.

Ich habe eine fon2100 geflasht mit OpenWRT und ein Laptop mit Wireless-Karte. Kann ich die Verbindung zu openwireless mit diesem?

Vielen Dank im Voraus,

Sorry if my German is not very good : English Version

Hello together,

I am moving to live at Länggassstrasse 75 soon and I don't have internet connection there.

I have a fon2100 flashed with OpenWRT and a laptop with a wireless card. Can I connect to openwireless with this?

Thank you in advance,


Hi Jorge You basically

Hi Jorge

You basically already have everything what you need to connect to the openwireless cloud at your new place. However the wireless driver in openwrt (madwifi) is not so stable when operated under the required ad-hoc mode unless you use a very recent development version. That one you have to compile yourself (which is not that complicated if you have a linux box at hand).

An other option you have is to reflash your fonera with the original fon firmware and sven-ola’s freifunk fonera pack ontop of it:

There is also the possibility to try out a recent openwrt-snapshot with luci:

I’m almost sure there is a guy in our mailinglist who plaied with olsr on the fonera. You probably want to subscribe there and ask further questions.

And last but not least you may want to drop in at one of our next monthly meetings in Bern, taking place every first wednesday in the month:

Cheers Lorenz

Coming soon!

Thanks for the info! I will rather keep the OpenWRT as I don't want to miss some features of this nice firmware. I think I can compile it by myself is there is some guide/tutorial. I subscribed for the list.

One question. To have internet access do I need to own a internet connection and share it? Or can I just join the cloud?

I would like to make a tryout before moving it so I will test it in Bümpliz where I am living now for a few days.

Maybe I can go to one meeting if it can be held in English or very slow German :)